Hey, Im from Brighton in England. I’ve been a nudist for three years now.

Sadly for me, no one in my family knows about it and if they did, I ‘d most probably get grounded for the remainder of my life! I come from a very conservative Christian family and they would think that nudism equals lust and sex.
When I was 16, there was a lady called Tracy Seargeant who streaked at the indoor Bowls Championship. Now, I’m by no means interested in bowls but it was all over the news for a couple of days. I had heard of streaking before but until then, it’d never caught my attention. I went online a couple of days later and hunted for streaking. I scrolled through a few websites that looked dodgy and discovered one called Streaking.org, I visited that website and found a forum there and read through as many of the posts as possible in the time I had before someone came down the stairway to utilize the computer. As far as I really could tell, all these individuals were interested in being naked whenever possible; they called their lifestyle a nudist lifestyle.
A couple of days after I was left at home by myself and remembered what I ‘d read. I made the decision to take my clothing away; I was in my basement where the computer was so I’d have a lot of time to get redressed. The very first thing I did when I got online was search for nudist Christian; I wanted to make sure that what I was doing was okay by God. I found so many sites and after reading through a few of them, I had enough scripture to back up living my life nude.
I spent as much time as possible nude after that (which wasnt quite frequently really as I shared a room with my younger brother). Additionally , I started sleeping nude (did anyone not start this way! Lol). I got into bed wearing my boxers and when I was under the covers, I took them away.

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I had to make sure I was awake before my dad came into my room to wake my brother and I; I needed to put my boxers back on so he wouldnt know I had been nude.
I also started sneaking out late during the night to streak my road (my sways back then were obviously streakers!). My road was a rather active one and I was seen so many times that Im surprised my family never found out about it. Pretty soon, I didnt trouble putting my boxers back on in the morning.
This behavior continued for about a year with little other differences. Originally, my dad tried to get me to sleep with my boxers on but shortly he stopped trying. Subsequently, I found out about the nudist beach in Brighton. I was pretty happy as I hadnt ever been naked with another person. http://nudist-video.net/watch-a-naked-chicks-at-the-beach-tan-her-hot-body.html went down there for the first time in April 2003. It was strange being naked with other folks but I wasn’ http://mon-blog-gay.net to get naked. It appeared very natural. I visited the nudist beach for the entire summer of 2005. Additionally , I met some other nudists and spent some time on the South Downs with them. They’ve been the only nudists I’ve ever met personally.
We’ve now went to the different side of Brighton and I have now got more chance to get naked as I no longer share a room with my brother. Yet, I can no longer go out on late night runs as the ground floor has an alarm system which makes a sound when it is turned off. I dont go to Brighton nudist beach quite often anymore because it’s too far for someone without a car to visit. Rather, I visit the beach at Shoreham that’s also nudist.

There are lots of cabinet nudists out there, and I’m one of them.

So, I decideed to compose this to help others like me to find more ways to go naked. Here are a few helpful tips:
At home:
When no one is home, (Or in the event you are willing to take your chances with someone about) just bare it all and do your normal items. The wind blowing against your body feels completely wonderful. For all those who with their own rooms, you can lock the door and sleep in the nude. Try wearing just shorts (Men) or one piece t-shirt (Women). That way, http://ournudism.com/young-nudist-video.html can ease in faster if someone comes about. And for those individuals who share rooms, you can slip off your clothes and sleep in the nude, covered with a blanket of course. In the event you are scared you’ll kick it off, tuck the sides of the blanket in tightly to the sides of the bed. You can also go back and forth the toilet naked, and no one will likely say a thing. This really is most likely step one for everyone who intends to tell their parents about their naturist activities. My parents are somewhat open-minded, however they have their limits for nudism. I am normally permitted to go nude before or after bathing for a while. Going longer than that will warrant a frown from them. I am now working on attempting to make my parents come to terms with my nudism.
If you are fortunate enough to get a nudist beach or centre nearby, then do not hesitate to see it. Howeve if you are unlucky enough (like me), you can always improvise.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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If you have your own swimming pool, you always have the option to go there. In case you have a private one, then use it! But should you reside in an apartment (like me, again), you can try going at around 2-3 am. Alternately, go during office hours and school times, when there will be no one. A good way to be safe is to wrap your swimsuit around your hands, so if anyone comes, you can readily slip it on. And, for those who have a park nearby, (Go on precisely the same times as the swimming pool) A great idea in case you’re going to the park or a hike, bring the needed supplies and a plastic bag or a tote to keep your clothing in. I typically bring slippers so I can remove and wear it readily. I prefer to go barefoot everywhere, by the way. Should you own a bike, you could try cycling around nude. Always think of new ways to go natural. Make sure you map out a proper time to really go and to return. Be careful for people to. You can also attempt jogging across the neighbourhood. Try alleywyas and isolated regions. Becareful should you would like to take another risk by jogging past other people’s houses.
That’s about it. The main purpose I stress is to USE YOUR BRAIN! Find more places to go naked and constantly think ahead for everything. Okay then, that is about all I got to say. Until next time, keep nude!

Dale Sneaks into a Nudist Camp

My narrative is nicely over 3000 words, however you can read it at

-Dale Lund
Branson, Missouri
A Newbie at Social Nudism

Being naked outdoors for the first time was a real encounter. I started off with taking my
pet out. I simply wore a top that went down to below the crotch. I really enjoyed the cool wind that reached parts of me that
had never felt a cool wind. All I can declare is
“WOW.” It felt so great that I desired more.

So I undid the buttons all down the front. That let in more coolness, and I just felt the “WOW even stronger. My head just said do it. So I
took off the top and there I was fully
Naked to the cool wind. The “”WOW”” was even
more intense. My head merely said yes, yes, yes.

I need to quit messing around and only declare
I am now a nudist. I’ve consistently appreciated being
Bare whenever possible. Now I’m a nudist with
the powerful desire to do it with others of a like mind and attitude.

WOW, what a fabulous feeling!

First Awakening

At the office, my manager and coworker resided near the best beach on Long Island and requested me to join his family for a beach day, so I agreed. It was a private beach, the town’s only resident seashore. Jones Beach is extremely conservative, so Jim told me to walk far left at the coastline.

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In minutes I saw people standing by a 10 feet totem pole, they all were nude and had long ponytails, along with a sign said “clothing optional.”

We spread a blanket, buddies went naked in a casual way, I sat and wondered what to do. Jim said take off your suit. Not going, he said take it off and enjoy the waves. I did, as well as the blustery waves on my body proved to be a completely new life consciousness.

I have never been the same inhibited soul after that. Nature was a blast, there all the time, and also the gift was mine.

-Louis P.
NYC, New York
First Time For us both

A few years ago, I began to be drawn to social nudity. I loved being naked since I was around 10. I had to sneak out of my pj’s when I slept, then slip back into them. Just a textile family.

Well, around the time that I turned 48 I decided I liked to understand more, and began surfing sites. AANR, etc. From this I found Hidden River Resort in http://peenudist.com .

I’d get information from the AANR website, and various Christian Nudist newsgroups, and then forward that information to my wife. She was open to trying. So beach girl nude chose to head to Hidden River Resort in north Florida.

We arrived and with plenty of trepidation, got a tour of the facilities. Afterward we paid the fees, and drove onto the property.

Within only several seconds, I was undressed and feeling free. My wife however went considerably slower. She’d short pants on and a towel around her top.

We decided to walk the paths first. As we walked she asked how I felt. “Isn’t it peculiar?” I shared how freeing it was. We afterward saw another naked couple, and nothing occurred! We said hello – and spoke a couple of minutes – and it was not peculiar. It was really very natural. As we left them, my wife’s towel came off.

Then she looked at me and said “Lets go to the pool.” I was surprised – she had to be bare.

We went back to the car, and she freely undressed, and we walked to the outdoor showers. “Naked as jay birds.”

It was amazing – we spent a number of hours in the pool, hanging out and discussing. What a great day trip – wonderful people, and also the hostess was top notch!

If you arer worried about getting aroused, or others seeing you – do not be. When you get your clothing away – we all seem the same!

Thanks AANR for the info you provided. Thank you Hidden River for the fantastic intro and the ease of which you helped us into our comfort zone. Thank you CNC and the other Christian newsgroups for helping us see that we can still have our religion – and enjoy social nudity.

Now – we’re constantly looking forward to our next visits, and we are slowly introducing our family and friends to the lifestyle.

Why Did It Take Me So Long?

On a cruise of northern European capitols several years ago, we spent a day riding bikes along the Baltic shore near Warnemunde. We stopped to have a look at the sea and realized we were above a nude beach. First, we saw a youthful and healthy couple. Then we saw people who looked like me, elderly and not so appropriate.

I decided that I needed to skinny-dip for the first time in my adult life. My wife didn’t join me then. At the water’s edge, I removed my clothing and within minutes felt comfortable and free while swimming in the ocean.

Ever since then, we’ve joined AANR, seen clubs in the U.S. and Europe and I often skinny dip throughout the summer. I’ve found that if I swim early enough in the morning, I ‘ve the lake to myself. Now I can’t believe that I had to become old in order to feel comfortable in my skin.


Meet my girl Vasiliska

Hi, my name is Britney and I’m lesbian. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with this narrative other than I was actually ready for a girl like this. Her name is Vasiliska. She is Russian. But I’m getting ahead of myself. There is more to this story and I really needed to share it with you. For one, this was the first time I ever went to a nudist beach, which is an experience in itself and this was also the day I met this gorgeous girl from Russia, so exquisite and so alluring that I never believed I’d meet anyone like that on holiday.
It was last year and this was the very first time that I went to Europe. Me and a couple of my buddies went on a month long vacation seeing Spain, France and Italy. We were checking out some of the very most delightful cities in the world and also a number of the biggest beaches that I have ever seen in my life. And it was fantastic. It was a real great holiday meeting new people, getting wasted all over the area and so on. In case you should put a gun to my head and ask me which of the nations is the greatest and where we had the best time, I couldn’t tell you. They were all amazing and we met so many great folks that I simply couldn’t give you one. However, there is something that happened in France that made it my favorite section of the excursion which is the girl in this picture, Vasiliska.
We met at a tavern there, among the biggest areas for young tourists and locals alike in Marseille which is an insanely interesting and wild town. She was there with some friends of hers as well, most of them Russians who studied in France and who were also on vacation. Let’s simply say that it was a wild night. And if there is anyone who knows how to party, then it’s the Russians. I mean, these were all girls who were just legal, like my Vasiliska here, barely 19 and already crazy as hell, having the ability to drink gallons of booze without even getting tipsy. When I met her, I understood she was something particular and the follow ing day I realized how special she is really. Specifically, that night, we agreed that the two of us, only the two of us will go to a beach together.
I met her the next day, still hungover like hell and she was looking like she only had the most refreshing night ever after a night in the opera. I will never have the ability to understand those Russians. Regardless, she explained that we were going to a nudist beach and I played it cool. I said alright. I didn’t want to let her know how nervous I was.

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And we went. http://nudist-video.net was a bit out of time, but she’d rented a car and we were there in under an hour.
We got to the seashore and there were perhaps a dozen people there, not more. They were largely locals, a couple of families and two or three couples. It was quiet and it absolutely was intimate. And then Vasiliska took off her clothing. I was lost for words. To begin with, she had the most beautiful skin I had seen in my entire life, so creamy and so fresh I almost came. She was also completely shaven and had the most delectable-looking pussy I had seen to that point. And her boobs, they were simply perfect. They were so supple and so perky that I just needed to bury my head in them. But I managed to keep my cool. I asked her if I could take a photograph of her and she said that I could. And that is the photo you can see here. Oh yeah, she also had those nipple rings that I always thought were just too tacky. Not on Vasiliska. She seemed so beautiful that I just feel in love with her there and then.

Hi, my names Kat and Im Jesss sister. Im 13 and Jess has requested me to write about nudism and going naked

for this particular site.
I didnt ever think about going round nude, but I did start to detect last fall when Jess seemed to not constantly have all her clothes on all of the time! I saw her walking round the house in her undies and also a few times going into her room with nothing on after shed had a shower. It didnt mean anything to me at all what she was doing, but it didnt bother me.
One day I was in my room and Jess knocked on the door. She came into the room and she was naked! It didnt really bother me that she didnt have any clothes on, but I was still a little surprised! She explained that she was naked because she was a nudist, which she told me was a person who enjoys being bare (I didnt know). She said shed spoken to mum and mum had said it was okay if she was naked at home sometimes, but she wanted to make sure I was alright with it also. It didnt bother me if she was going to be going round in the nude all of the time, so I said it was fine by me. I needed to understand why she enjoyed it so much though, and she said it was merely feeling free and being cozy, which I said was cool, and she said I should try it sometime. I just kind of said uh huh to that, I didnt think Id ever really end up doing it!
Anyway, pretty soon I got used to Jess being naked at home. It never bothered me that I could see her boobs and everything else, cuz Im a girl too. Initially she used to get dressed whenever folks came round but after a bit she quit doing that. That meant that my buddies when they came round sometimes saw her nude. At first I was a little bit embarrassed that they had seen her like that but that soon ceased. None of my friends appeared irritated so I wasnt either.
We used to speak a lot about going nude and things like that and Jess asked me a few times if I needed to try it for myself. I always said possibly sometime cuz I wasnt really sure if I needed to or not. But having Jess walking round the house naked did mean that I didnt feel like I had to be completely dressed all the time any more. I started going out of the shower without a towel around me and sometimes I’d return to my room and lie on my bed reading a magazine or whatever without getting dressed.
My first real time of going naked was in the winter. It snowed a lot and our whole back garden was covered with snow. Jess challenged me to a snowball fight and of course I agreed. I went to get my jacket and scarf and gloves and things, and I saw that Jess just remained standing there by the back door, with nothing on of course. I asked her if she was really going to go and get dressed and she said no, Im going out like this. You should, too, itll be enjoyable. I dont really know why, but that time I said yes, I would.
Jess was actually really surprised that Id said yes, she was like are you sure? You dont have to if you dont need to, but I did want to and I could tell Jess was really pleased that I did. I went upstairs and took off all of my clothes, then we put our shoes on so our feet didnt get cold and went out into the garden. It was very bizarre being nude outside, but it turned out to be a fine feeling and it wasnt anything like as cold as Id thought it’d be. I was merely standing enjoying what it felt like when this chilly, wet snowball hit me on the bottom! We’d our snowball fight but it didnt last long cuz we both ended up quite chilly with wet hair pretty quickly, but being nude meant just our skin was wet as well as our clothes stayed dry inside! We finished up by lying down and making naked snow angels, which was amazing to feel the snow against all my skin, and pretty amusing to see two angels with bottom prints in the middle! Then we ran inside to get warmed up and Jess asked me if Id loved myself and I told her I had.
That was the sole time that I went bare like that for quite a while, http://ournudism.com wasnt sure about it. The next time was during the Easter holidays. Me and Jess went to stay with our dad, whos divorced from our mum and lives in Manchester. He has known Jess is a nudist since she told mum and hes fine with it, and this time Jess asked him if it was OK for her to go bare while she was there. He said it was and so the following morning she came downstairs with nothing on, just like she does at home.
http://nudeyes.com was a really fine day and so Jess went out to sit on the patio. She looked quite happy in order to go nude outdoor in the sun and was enjoying it.

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That was when I determined that I would like to go nude, also. Id been thinking of it for quite a while now, that perhaps I did need to give it a try, but I wasnt certain till then. I told Jess that I’d decided that I needed to go bare and she said that was truly excellent, so I went inside and took my clothes away. I went back out into the garden and sat down with Jess.
It felt extremely good to be bare, actually. I cant really describe it, but when I went naked in the snow it felt nice, but this was even better! It was truly wonderful having the ability to feel the breeze and items on my naked skin. And I didnt feel at all bothered about being nude cuz Jess was as well. We spoke for quite a while, mainly about going nude and I said now I could comprehend why Jess enjoyed it.
We stayed out in the garden sunbathing and speaking all day, then went back up to the house. Jess gave me a hug and said she was very proud of me for being so assured and for coming to my very own choice about going bare, which was nice, but I couldnt really see what the big deal was it was just fun for me! I saw my father once I went in the home, and when he saw that I didnt have clothes on he grinned and said not you as well! I asked him if it was alright and he said it was good, so that was cool.
After that I began going nude more and more. Not all the time at first (like, that day I got dressed in the evening, but the following morning I was bare again), but when we got home to my mums I started doing it a lot. Initially it was only at weekends if we were out in the garden and maybe in the mornings I wouldnt get dressed until after breakfast (I began sleeping naked also) but after a bit I started coming home from school and instead of changing my clothing I ‘d simply take all of them off and stay like that until the following morning, just like Jess does. I asked mum if she minded me being naked and she said not in the smallest, shes had plenty of time to get used to it with Jess!

My First Nudist Encounter

I went to a beach resort in Montego Bay with two of my girl friends. To go we need to buy a pass which gives you access to any or all the water sports, tennis and food.A male, I was in the company of two of my girl friends who worked with me. We played tennis and then had a swim and couple of beverages. One of my friends as well as I kept walking towards the end of the seashore and there was a sign “clothing-optional.” My buddy told the other girl, “Let Us go,” and she said she’d join as soon as she finished her bites.

My pal, as she was from Europe, promptly took her clothing away and asked me to do the same. I was shocked for some time and told her that I have never done this before and wasn’t comfortable. So she gave me the space to be be comfy.

There were many other nudist couples and http://shockingtown.com , also few families. I was the only one with clothes on. So I made a decision to take a daring step. I went in the water with my friend and took my swim slacks off. The feeling of being without clothing felt amazing.

My buddy came out of the water but again my real job was to come out nude out of the water and in front of everyone. Finally, I took a brave step and came out and my buddy waved her hands toward me and said, “Good job. Eventually you did it.”

The couple next to us and other family welcomed me to the family. No one laughed and I felt more comfortable. As soon as the wind tickled my body, it made me feel great.

In a few minutes our other friend came and congratulated me for becoming a nudist. The three of us spent lots of time on the beach nude and did many nudist activities: swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, etc. Every time now we go to Jamaica we go to the nude beach.

Once our boat went to St. Martinand we went to Orient Beach and spent an amazing time there. A few more buddies have joined us.

Young Nudist

Bare swim started at 8 years of age. I was at a youth center, we went to a lake, I had no suit like other lads, so staff said go in naked, and I have loved it since 1973. I’m still a nudist at age 46 years young.

-Robert F.L.
Skowhegan, Maine
New to Nudism

My partner and I went on a cruse to the Caribbean in 2007. While there our tour took us to a seashore. It turned out to be a nude beach and being unsure as self-conscious could be, I left my trunks on. I believed my wife was bashful also, but not as much as I thought. She couldn’t get nude fast enough with the mindset that no one would ever see us again, or even attention. So, I tried it also.

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We both felt the same weight lift off our shoulders as is often described and discovered ourselves looking for other nude beaches on our trip.

This continued after we got back home. We additionally discovered San Onofre and then Glen Eden and others. I wish we experienced this 30 years ago. It’s hard to describe just how eye-opening and clear life becomes. Largely we have met great people and have begun to live life again.

My favorite story!: So our kids (one son and one daughter) weren’t too pleased with our new recreational activities, going as far as endangering us to never see our grandkids. They wanted us checked out for mental problems. So as we meet with a Dr. Psychiatrist in Santa Ana, one our son lined up, we found out he is a lifetime nudist, raised in this environment and has vacationed at nudist resorts in Vermont. His wife was quite nudist as she would rarely wear clothes whatsoever. Our kids were so shocked! They were not quite pleased again.

They’ve come to the beach and a resort with us and carefully checked out who was there and how they reacted to other nudists. Our children have since become buffs too; simply quite amusing to us.

-Myron S.
Long Beach, http://freenudistvideo.info once I was Young

My parents have been nudist for many years and the first time they took me was when I was 11. We’d just moved to Austin and we went to the Hippy Hollow area by the lake. When we got there, we saw tons of people — young and old — sunning and swimming nude. We were naked all the time in my home. I ‘d simply never seen other people naked. My parents removed their clothes and set up a towel close to the water. Then they said I could stay dressed if I needed. Not wanting to be left out, I took my clothes off also. The clean air felt great on my bare skin. We spent a few hours there swimming and talking to individuals. There were other children my age too and I spent time with two men and a girl who was 12. They told me their families had been coming there for years. I had a great time. My parents and I went back every chance we got. We also got to know other families and spent time with them at our dwellings, nude of course. We had show up, take off our clothing, and do whatever people do at dinner parties and BBQs. I now do that with my wife and kids.

Houston, Texas
Saved our union

Ten years ago my lovely wife and I were in a recession in our marriage. We were both 40 and needed something to shake it up. A buddy of mine suggested we visit a nudist camp near our town. I thought it seemed like fun and suggested it to my wife. She was reluctant in the beginning but figured why not? So we booked a cabin and seen on Sat morning. I have no problem being naked in front of folks, but my wife is VERY shy. We checked into our cottage and proposed we go sit by the pool. I undressed but it took my wife thirty minutes to work up the nerve. Finally, she did. She wrapped a towel around herself and we left the cabin. I just carried my towel at my side and enjoyed the clean air as we walked to the pool. I almost laughed at my wife’s absolute nervousness as we passed a lot of nude people. They were all friendly and said hi but she never looked at them. She just hung her head down. When we got to the pool, there were only five people: Three men and two girls. My wife and I sat on the loungers and she kept her towel on. It took another 30 minutes before my wife finally removed her towel and sat totally naked. I thought she looked so magnificent sitting there without anything on. Nearly as soon as she was naked, a couple walked around. I could tell my wife wanted to grab the towel and cover herself, but she did not. I was proud of her. We talked to them for about an hour and after awhile I really could tell my wife was more relaxed with her state of undress. In fact she even got up and walked around with the other woman to get a drink in the snack bar. It was so surreal seeing her nude walking in a public setting like that. It was also as if I were seeing her for the very first time through other people’s eyes. Later when we returned to our cabin, we had the best time we have had in years. Ever since then, we’re frequent visitors to that camp and even spend our time at home naked. Becoming a nudist saved our marriage.

-Jack King

I was sitting out by my pool soaking up sunlight.

My pool is really private. nudist group was dozing off when I heard someone say good morning. I opened my eyes and outside my display enclosure was http://nudistspic.com of my lawn man. It turned out to be a hot sunny day. I was setting there bare and she was standing there hot and sweaty. It was to late to cover up so I simply said the heck to it and invited her in to take a swim and cool off. In a flash she entered the pool area and stripped off her clothes. I ‘ve an outdoor shower.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

She rinsed off and then jumped into the pool. I was surprised and happy that there wasn’t going to be an issue. I offered a cold drink and we had a nice visit. She thanked me for letting her cool off and then got dressed and carried on to finish her work on the lawn. It turned out that she and her husband were nudist and later encouraged me to join them on their boat for a nude day on the water.

My first encounter was had Hedonism 2, June 1999. I went with my girlfriend it was her first experience also.

I am able to remember the first day, we spent a couple of hours on the clothed side, trying to get up the courage to walk over to the nude side. So we chose to go over to get something to eat, since it absolutely was in between meal times….seemed like a good reason at the time.
Well anyway we walk over to the nude side, and I’m standing at the counter, and I must have appeared lost, http://troyxxx.com guess I was a bit in a daze…so this naked girl walked right up and asked me if I wanted any help….just as friendly as great be. It was rather a surprize at the time, she semmed soo cozy, just chatting in the nude. So I did get a hamburger,and she helped me place my order!…

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and that interaction really helped us feel comfortable.
So we went over a sat on a couple of lounge chairs, and eventually peeled off our clothes… so we are just laying there wondering what to do next.
We attempted do dare each other, to get up and walk over to the frozen drink machine. so we both took our turns doing that….WOW what fun it was the first time. Merely an electric feeling!
It didn’t take long to feel comfortable, because everyone was so friendly, we were just loving the experience. Now here is 2009, and I spend the majority of my holidays and http://nudism.name , many weekends at nudist resorts. Sunnyrest, White Thorn Lodge, BArSRanch, Caliente, Lake Como, Gunnison Beach, Penn Sylvan, Orvis Hot Springs…all amazing areas.
It is the people who are the best part for me, I adore the friendly atmosphere…everyone is your friend as well as a nudist resort. The individuals are great.