As a youngster from about 7 years old, my mate

, his sister and I would take any opportunity on those hot Aussie summers to get naked under the sprinkler.. and on the odd occasion would ride our bikes nude up the road.. that continued for us lads but when got closer to puberty she gradually became diffident about it.
When I was 12 the girl from the other side of the road and in addition a class mate got the first in ground swimming pool in our street, right through the road from my location, bingo!.. and we including her buddy would start swimming in our usual swimwear until the dacking fights would begin and all swimwear ended up across the backyard and up the tree etc.. which always seemed to result in skinny dipping.. and again as the girls got older it happened less often.
I started becoming more adventurous and wanted to try as many things in the nude as possible.. so I invented naked mountain bike riding in the fern tree forests near my place.. and occasionally was able to dare a friend or two into it.. and just when the friends become fewer when it came to sharing naked actions, I found The Sun & Health Nudist Magazine plus H&E, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.. so I didn’t really devise naked mountain bike riding after all.
The next problem was I was still far too young to be driving to these exotic and difficult to get to places. I’d dream of one day going to the world’s largest nudist resort at Cap d Agde in the South Of France. But in the meantime I’d wag school and slip down to Sunnyside Nudist Beach at Mt Eliza a 3 hour excursion by train and bike.. and for the first time in my life I was fully naked in full view of fully grown nude woman .. it was so dreamlike.. I didn’t tell my cloths partners as I thought they would never consider me.
it whirled us out.. everyone of all ages were completely nude and so cool about it. I did everything you could just about envision.. like wow man! I believed, not in a sexual way or else that would have been clear.. the father only called out “gidday men who’s winning the game?” as he walked by us in the games room, and he did not pursue me with a firearm!
She is not as shy as her brother who wont attempt it at all.. recently I did every radio show in the nude with Jodie my co host with our introduction of NudeVember to do our small bit to boost nudism in Australia


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