Dale Sneaks into a Nudist Camp

My narrative is nicely over 3000 words, however you can read it at

-Dale Lund
Branson, Missouri
A Newbie at Social Nudism

Being naked outdoors for the first time was a real encounter. I started off with taking my
pet out. I simply wore a top that went down to below the crotch. I really enjoyed the cool wind that reached parts of me that
had never felt a cool wind. All I can declare is
“WOW.” It felt so great that I desired more.

So I undid the buttons all down the front. That let in more coolness, and I just felt the “WOW even stronger. My head just said do it. So I
took off the top and there I was fully
Naked to the cool wind. The “”WOW”” was even
more intense. My head merely said yes, yes, yes.

I need to quit messing around and only declare
I am now a nudist. I’ve consistently appreciated being
Bare whenever possible. Now I’m a nudist with
the powerful desire to do it with others of a like mind and attitude.

WOW, what a fabulous feeling!

First Awakening

At the office, my manager and coworker resided near the best beach on Long Island and requested me to join his family for a beach day, so I agreed. It was a private beach, the town’s only resident seashore. Jones Beach is extremely conservative, so Jim told me to walk far left at the coastline.

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In minutes I saw people standing by a 10 feet totem pole, they all were nude and had long ponytails, along with a sign said “clothing optional.”

We spread a blanket, buddies went naked in a casual way, I sat and wondered what to do. Jim said take off your suit. Not going, he said take it off and enjoy the waves. I did, as well as the blustery waves on my body proved to be a completely new life consciousness.

I have never been the same inhibited soul after that. Nature was a blast, there all the time, and also the gift was mine.

-Louis P.
NYC, New York
First Time For us both

A few years ago, I began to be drawn to social nudity. I loved being naked since I was around 10. I had to sneak out of my pj’s when I slept, then slip back into them. Just a textile family.

Well, around the time that I turned 48 I decided I liked to understand more, and began surfing sites. AANR, etc. From this I found Hidden River Resort in http://peenudist.com .

I’d get information from the AANR website, and various Christian Nudist newsgroups, and then forward that information to my wife. She was open to trying. So beach girl nude chose to head to Hidden River Resort in north Florida.

We arrived and with plenty of trepidation, got a tour of the facilities. Afterward we paid the fees, and drove onto the property.

Within only several seconds, I was undressed and feeling free. My wife however went considerably slower. She’d short pants on and a towel around her top.

We decided to walk the paths first. As we walked she asked how I felt. “Isn’t it peculiar?” I shared how freeing it was. We afterward saw another naked couple, and nothing occurred! We said hello – and spoke a couple of minutes – and it was not peculiar. It was really very natural. As we left them, my wife’s towel came off.

Then she looked at me and said “Lets go to the pool.” I was surprised – she had to be bare.

We went back to the car, and she freely undressed, and we walked to the outdoor showers. “Naked as jay birds.”

It was amazing – we spent a number of hours in the pool, hanging out and discussing. What a great day trip – wonderful people, and also the hostess was top notch!

If you arer worried about getting aroused, or others seeing you – do not be. When you get your clothing away – we all seem the same!

Thanks AANR for the info you provided. Thank you Hidden River for the fantastic intro and the ease of which you helped us into our comfort zone. Thank you CNC and the other Christian newsgroups for helping us see that we can still have our religion – and enjoy social nudity.

Now – we’re constantly looking forward to our next visits, and we are slowly introducing our family and friends to the lifestyle.

Why Did It Take Me So Long?

On a cruise of northern European capitols several years ago, we spent a day riding bikes along the Baltic shore near Warnemunde. We stopped to have a look at the sea and realized we were above a nude beach. First, we saw a youthful and healthy couple. Then we saw people who looked like me, elderly and not so appropriate.

I decided that I needed to skinny-dip for the first time in my adult life. My wife didn’t join me then. At the water’s edge, I removed my clothing and within minutes felt comfortable and free while swimming in the ocean.

Ever since then, we’ve joined AANR, seen clubs in the U.S. and Europe and I often skinny dip throughout the summer. I’ve found that if I swim early enough in the morning, I ‘ve the lake to myself. Now I can’t believe that I had to become old in order to feel comfortable in my skin.



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