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Did felicity accidentally ignite the Invade Wall Street Protest?
Occupy Wall Street – For every one of you who are unaware of the scenario, Felicity was the young lady who was detained this summer on wall street during the art performance Ocularpation. All of a sudden this Inhabit Wall Street demonstration flares up – Coincidence??? Maybe but improbable: Ocularpation (which was an art endeavor by Zefrey Throwell who was striving to make a point that Wall Street lacks responsibility) sounds eerily similar to Invade Wall Street not to mention the place. So naturally Felicity and I went down to talk to the protesters. On our way down there we had to sit in traffic because the Wall Street protesters caused so much mayhem on the Brooklyn Bridge that the NYPD closed it down – not a great start but we pushed on.
Poster at Occupy Wall Street Demonstration
Once we got there we found a group of individuals – Largely in their 20a?s – singing, holding up signs and chanting their distinct mantras. We were expecting to speak to the organizers but couldn’t find out who they were. After attempting to talk to some of the folks there (without making any headway) we decided to speak to some of the protesters. We spoke to several people who appeared to be enthusiastic about stopping the status quo on a complete mess of issues, but had no ideas about what should be done instead.
Authorities Poster Invade Wall Street Demonstration
After about an hour or so we just decided to leave empty handed and with no questions answered.
While I don’t comment frequently this is one subject that I simply can not appear to let go of. Eventually there’s a group who will willingly take a stand and fight for change, but how could I support this type of valiant effort when I have no idea what they actually believe in? Without any clear goals, no physical direction, bench marks for success or specific ideas on the way to better the state what would I really be supporting (and of course the fact that they seem to have a great deal of facts which can be simply incorrect)?
Posters at Occupy Wall Street protest
So in any case, I have no idea if Felicity’s arrest had anything regarding it, but I sure hope not. Starting a massive demonstration of naysayers who look to be fighting against everything and could be happier when the police are forced to intervene is My Bucket List that I ‘d ever put my name on. Spreading fear, inconveniencing the public and hoping for the next shot of someone getting slammed to the ground by police is not something I ‘m willing to support.

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Occupy Wall Street
In closing I just need to add a few points. If these protesters care so much about the various issues then why haven’t they sent individuals to staff soup kitchens, clean up city parks or do anything that would affect the city in a positive manner they’ve probably cost the city millions by now so do not you think it’s only fair if they were to shoulder some of the weight by helping out the people of New York City? Or are they just going to continue shouting and screaming till we NY’ers are forced to pay more in taxes to cover the expense they are creating?
As for Felicity – we still will not be overly sure why she was detained, but she’s due in court next month so send her tons of positive energies!
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