My first nude beach experience happened today at Haulover Beach. When I first got there

, I was not sure where I was designed to really go since there were no signs to show the direction to the seashore but fortunate for me, there were some folks who were merely getting out of their automobiles and I followed along until I find the route on where to go.

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When I saw the sign that says that you might locate nude sunbathers from this point, I knew was in the right location.
I’ve been considering going to a nude beach for a very long time so I’ve been reading up on various forums like this one that copes with social nudity and speaking to individuals via email that have experience in this region on what to do and not to do at a nudist setting. I needed to ensure that I ‘d an idea of what was acceptable and not acceptable behavior and what to bring as far as suntan lotion, a towel to sit down on, etc. I have that habit of researching anything when it’s new to me.
I was told by someone that since I was going as a single male, I should make an effort to not divide myself from individuals. It might make folks believe that I went there for the wrong motive. So I located an empty space which was surrounded by people on all sides so that I ‘d be among other nudists. After I was amongst everyone, I set down the towel that I’d brought with me along with the other items that I’ve brought with me and began to get undressed. I thought I’d become far more self conscious of the fact that I was becoming completed nude in front of complete strangers but I did not and get out of my clothes very fast. No hesitation or wondering if this was a great idea or not. Once I was undressed, I headed towards the water in full view of everyone yet despite my nudity, I did not feel the slightest bit embarrassed about my state. I don’t know when this is typical of first time nudists but it seemed nearly no different then when I get undressed every morning to take a shower.
This type of surprised me since I believed I was going to have a more difficult time getting undressed in front of people. I also had a fear of receiving an erection since this occasionally occurs whether I desire it or not but thank goodness that this never occurred. Once I was in the water, It was amazing to be able to simply talk to folks and get to understand them. I got to speak to quite a few folks who were on vacation or were local individuals who came to Haulover Beach on a regular basis. They all looked so friendly and cheerful and did not seem to care that both themselves and myself were nude.
I really had a terrific time today and only wished it could have continued longer. It started raining heavily and when lightening struck across the sky, they closed the park and everyone was asked to leave. I really wanted to stay more since I was having so much fun as well as the feel of the water on my skin was wonderful.
I actually hated having to put my clothes back on after experiencing going nude in a public place for the first time. I also hated the reality that I needed to wear clothing that were soaked with water from the rain. Yuch!
I definitely am intending to visit again hopefully when the weather is teen nudism and I can stay for a longer time.
None of my anxieties about what might happened ever came to pass and I’m so looking forward to the next time.
Thanks everyone for taking the time to read about my first experience.


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